6 minutes moderate cycling dramatically ramps up immune cells – DCU discovery

Love this Irish Times article today; quoting Prof Niall Moyna of DCU’s discovery saying “Six minutes of moderate cycling dramatically ramped up immune cells in the blood. It also boosted the activity of natural killer cells, destroyers of cancer cells. “Even short bouts of activity can decrease blood pressure, improve insulin activity, prime your immune system”.

Now if you can do that in a GREEN area too…how I loved my commute to school along the Sutton-to-Sandycove Greenway with a shortcut through Seagrange Park where we planted our first-ever Tree Academy 300 trees. I could greet them twice a day! I miss that commute. How exciting though, there are advantages to being out of the classroom; next Thursday we visit a new project in Croom, Co. Limerick we are carrying out with the Tree Council of Ireland. There is a commute I look forward to! Will make sure to walk some of the way. #exercise #benefits #immunity #greenschools #ecoschools #travel #commute #WOW

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