Irish Native Tree Trail

Learn about Native Irish trees from Eanna Ni Lamhna of the Tree Council in the film we made with our Green Committee founders of the easy treesie project!

The video tour was recorded in the Botanic Gardens and St. Anns park, and was funded with thanks by the Electricity Association of Ireland. We are very grateful to the 1st class group from St. Laurence school, Dublin 13 and their teachers for helping us learn about all types of trees.

What is a native tree? Why are they so important?

Native Irish Trees

The Spindle Tree, Irish Tree Trail
Easy Treesie on News2Day in Dublin City Council Tolka River Valley Park

Ash – Fuinseóg (Albnus GlutinosaKnown for hurleys, wood for chariots, wellbeing.
Silver Birch – Beith Gheal
(Betula Pendula)

Birch Beith (Betula pendula & betula pubescens).
Birch wood is tough and heavy making it suitable for making furniture and toys.
Known for beauty, colonising new ground.
Yew – Iúr (Taxus Baccata)

Yew Iúr (Taxus baccata).
Known for long life, excellent timber.
Oak Sessile – Dair Ghaelach (Quercus Petraea)

Oak Dair  (Quercus pataea & Quercus robur).
Known for timber, acorns for pigs, strength.
Alder Fearnóg  (Alnus glutinosa).The value of the wood from Alder is its ability to withstand rot under water and historically it has been used in the construction of boats, sluice gates and water pipes.
Cherry Silín  (Prunus avium). Known for beautiful blossoms, sweet fruit, symbol of love.
The wood is hard, strong and honey-coloured and is widely used in decorative veneers and furniture.
Holly – Cuileann (Ilex Aquifolium)Known for its red berries, protection, winter forage.
Apple Úll   (Malus sylvestris). 
Crab Apple Crann Fia-úll
Known for fruit, dye (from bark), otherworld.
Scot’s Pine Giúis (Pinus sylvestrus).Known for resin, firewood, rebirth.
Elm Leamhán (Ulmus glabra).
Wych Elm
Known for waterproof timber, fertility.
Willow Saileach  (Salix caprea). Known for food for bees, fertility, baskets.
Rowan Caorthann  (Sorbus aucuparia). Known for magic, red berries, spear shafts.
Hawthorn Sceach gheal   (Crategus monogyna).Known for white blossoms, associated with May festival, fairies.
Aspen Creathach (Populus tremula).Known for whispering, sound, age.
Elder Trom (Sambucus nigra).Known for flowers, berries, witchcraft, tonic.
Spindle – Feoras (Euonymous Europaeus)Known for bright berries, the sun, sight.
Strawberry Tree – Arbutus Caithne (Arbutus unedo).Known for blossoms and fruit, Co. Kerry.
Viburnum Opulus – Guelder RoseThey are commonly grown as an ornamental plant for its pretty flower heads and bright juicy berries.
Hazel Coll  (Corylus avellana).Hazel was used for water divining sticks, hurdles and furniture making.
Known for nuts, wisdom, protection against evil
Thanks to all involved – see here and to for some of the images.

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