About Us

We are participating in the United Nations Education Project and its global drive to #Restore a trillion trees to Planet Earth this decade with the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative.

Our #con-TREE-bution? #Ecosystem #Restoration of 1M trees by 2023, a billion during the decade. Are we serious? It’s only 200 – a bin bag-full each and you have ten years to plant them, in the space of a few parked cars. 20 a year and we are sorted. A metre and a half or two meters apart. We all know what two meters looks like right post Covid. We regularly have children who plant that many, 20, in an hour. Will we block out the sun with all the trees? Nah; we will be nearly like Belgium and way behind most of our European neighbours in terms of tree coverage. See our plan by Dr. Gerhardt Gallagher, technical adviser to the Tree Council of Ireland. And artist.

What they are saying about us…

“It has been a pleasure working with you and we were delighted to have the opportunity to support you and the amazing work that you do during this year.” Neha Jauhari
Social Impact Analyst
Rethink Ireland

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