Great to be buddied up with Plant-for-the-Planet in Cameroon; check out how refugees there turned the desert into a forest!

Thanks Plant-for-the-Planet summit; I’ve been twinned with my counterpart in Cameroon, who has been working with the foundation for 6 years.

I have already learned a lot! Has anyone used Google Agenda, planning to try that out on his advice. And more delegation is required. I am so grateful for our new intern Sean who has been such a help in sorting the In-Box which got way out of hand after our “Nationwide” interview – the night the website went down – and has yet to recover. I’ll be learning all the tricks at the Summit tomorrow and over the weekend. In the meantime stand by those who have emailed looking for trees, our list is being compiled…

Also; which tree to plant?

Really exciting to be off to the Plant-for-the-Planet summit – the fourth time Ireland has been represented. We have so much to learn from other countries, being as we are at the bottom of the Tree League in Europe with Malta & the Netherlands…maybe we will do like Portlaoise who went from the bottom of the Irish Business Against Litter league to TOP this year. We’ve done that kind of thing before! I remember using windy telephones on a party line in the 80s in the West and then our telecommunications leapfrogged everyone! Can we do it?

#generationrestoration #easytreesie #restore waits for the iron…

It’s Maths Week; Guess our % broadleaves nationally folks?Forest Statistics Ireland

Our national canopy; 25.1% broadleaf, over a quarter & 62.3% conifer…nearly two thirds .

I am enjoying this read. Thank you to our supporters, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Now that is not so bad is it! And the gap? Open forest areas are 10% (for picnics etc.! for the animals, flowers, insects that enjoy a little more light too of course…) and 1.9% is temporarily unstocked.

I was prompted to read these statistics by an article in a national newspaper that sounded …well…a trifle outside of my experience. I see a lot of such articles. Fake news perhaps? Alarmist headlines anyway. There is that trend, even in the respectable dailies I fear. The headlines also can be at odds with the content of the story, bizarre, are they looking for clicks? Once bitten twice shy with those clicks on misleading headlines I say!

Hmm. I was criticised today for looking at an average number in relation to planting with a comment saying it did not reveal the whole story. Yes, that is the thing about figures. They are useful though, it is Maths week.

Our spend is going down, forest fires going up

Some startling figures; hard to believe that less is being spent now than for the past few decades. How dismaying to see forest fires going up though not a surprise – this is why we like to scatter our tree planting all over the island, all eggs not in one basket as it were! Poor Louth is lowest covered at 2.9% cover; we are quite naked. In Dublin it is only 6.5%, hmm, leafy Paris or New York we ain’t. Leitrim receives a lot of attention at 18.9% highest in the country. It makes its canopy much less dense than New York City’s apparently, if Google is correct there!

Closing date; tomorrow 20/10/2021; It’s time for the Global Summit of Plant-for-the-Planet!

Apply now; What is My motivation for attending?

I am coming along to thank the PftP team for all of their star support; you are all champions! I joined the Plant-for-the-Planet family as soon as I found it online while running my school Eco Schools programme; I so admired Felix’s vision – so important for my country, Ireland where we have the lowest tree cover with Malta in Europe – that I resolved to go for his challenge and plant 1M trees with Ireland’s 1M children and their communities. So far we have run 3 face-to-face and the first ever virtual PftP Tree Academies and planted over 200k trees and next month start planting 45k more with our biggest national sporting organisation. I am coming for motivation, inspiration and connection as I learn so much from what others are doing. And a dash of magic! I am very happy to belong to this community of superheroes!

What do I hope to learn and see?

I like to see those I have met before and get to know the new “movers and shakers”. To learn? Every trick in the book; I would especially like to map our trees on the PftP app map. The latest science so I can communicate with our partners. All the latest news re; COP, the Crowther Labs, the trillion tree campaign.

What type of session will I lead?

I will be planting a native Irish tree so I will be doing a tree planting session; I may also do a PoeTREE workshop (Poetry) and art to go with the planting and we can also sing a few songs… a quiz. If they are stuck for something I can try it out, my skills & superpower is that I am a registered teacher at Primary and Second level with experience of adult education & am an an environmental educationalist. Fluent English, French & Irish!