Mother Trees and Suzanne Simard

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I Popped in to say #Tree Cheers, @Greenpop!

Working from Home in Heaven on Earth! What a great pleasure it was to meet again with Misha Teasdale, Greenpop co-founder; through the true magic of Zoom we could be this time on two continents. What a shame I could not take up his wonderful invitation to meet him  again when I was at HemelContinue reading “I Popped in to say #Tree Cheers, @Greenpop!”

Come to our Conversation, It’s National Biodiversity Week!

Thanks to the @UCD foresters for their lovely comment below! Join us this evening on Zoom; details below; Hi Everybody,Event 3 of 3 for Biodiversity Week is on at 8 this evening…here is the direct zoom link in case you are free to join us…bring-your-own drink!Orla Farrell is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.Continue reading “Come to our Conversation, It’s National Biodiversity Week!”