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Our podcast;


We have a little podcast  link here with children explaining our project that you, you may enjoy ; (starts at 24m and again at 31:30 minutes).


We love Tiny Forests

https://bbc.in/36ByhyJ – 


Watch “Just Imagine: Trees Returning | David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet” on YouTube


Watch “Green Jobs in the European Forest Sector” on YouTube

Watch “Deforestation Animation” on YouTube

Amanda Gorman

Now world-renowned Amanda Gorman’s poem, (the young poet who read at the Joe Biden Inauguration

“Earthrise”, shown at the TedxCountdown launch and her recent TED talk.

What’s your carbon footprint?

Find out from Éanna Ni Lamhna, President of the Tree Council of Ireland.

Éanna Ní Lamhna – Carbon Footprint | Tree Council

Home schooling resources: Trees

Great free resources: we teachers love this site!

Looking back on our Science Week Drive!


Why leaves change colour in Autumn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4MPPrU3Ams&feature=youtu.be

How tall can a tree grow? – Valentin Hammoudi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLJicmE8fK0Egyq1SxQQe_u3NYAzOeaq0T&v=vvtPJKWUb2g&feature=youtu.be


Searching for a family podcast? Trees & their high speed Broadband!

Here’s a show for you… Listen Again: TED Radio Wow-er TED Radio Hour https://open.spotify.com/episode/2HHfYwipEum9ZmXeeQZRJOsi=dPZ4LcLERTK7FMHWCldqhQ


Our Irish Trees will be visible from the Moon! Podcast describes the easy treesie Crann project working on the Plant-for-the-Planet challenge to plant 1m trees!


Thanks to John Haughton of NearFM’s Enviro Programme for inviting Orla Farrell along with Varvarra and Jack, our lead Plant-for-the-Planet Climate Ambassadors at the Malahide Academy, where we tell (starts at 24:00 minutes and again at 31:41 after the break) about our project. Learn about the Irish connection with the Great African Wall of Trees which will be visible from the Moon!

Our @3CounciI Irish Trees will be visible from the Moon! Podcast describes the Easy Treesie – Crann Project in @Fingalcoco @DubCityCouncil @Corkcoco @kilkennycoco @sligococo @countykerry working on the @FelixFinkbeiner @PftP_int challenge to plant 1m trees!http://www.easytreesie.com/839-2/

Growing trees

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