Trees Planted : 391, 700


Our mission: Putting back one million native trees* to our environment with Ireland’s one million school children and their communities by 2024.

*(right-tree-right-place…natives almost all the time, we include 3-5% of naturalised Irish trees if it suits the place like beech, horse chestnut, lime for resilience because our climate has got that bit wetter & wilder as well as drier)

We help children to plant trees on local public lands such as parks, greens, hospitals, roadsides,

(or as close as we can get)…neighbourhood projects with Tidy Towns and Residents’ Assocs, farmers’ co-ops, basically good homes for trees people….

So simple – its Easy Treesie! Tar linn!

Crann, Trees for Ireland Patron, President Michael D. Higgins, marks National Tetrapak Tree Day 2020 as we present our 100,000th sapling.

Hi everybody; it’s Earth Day 2023 & our final deliveries of the season are now taking place – we plant during the dormant, (bare-root) season – why? because it is easy. Want to plant trees with us starting November 2023?

Email orla@easytreesie.com for the details! Put “Trees” in the subject if you’d like trees for your community project, “Volunteer” if you’d like to help out and “Billionaire” if you want to sponsor us to be Tree Billionaires in Ireland (seriously; we’d still be way below the EU average canopy…imagine…and it’s actually our state target…)

In the meantime, #stoptalkingstartplanting, go out to your local nursery and get a tree (like an apple tree?) TODAY, even for a pot on a balcony, get food-secure, it’s fuuuuuuun…add it to the Tree Mapper app if you want it counted and plant it with or in the name of a child you know…

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