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A collective group of Volun-TREE individuals, schools and associations committed to be part of a climate change solution – one tree at a time. Despite two challenging planting seasons, Easy Treesie is on track to reach our goal: 

1M trees planted by 2023 with Ireland’s 1M Irish schoolchildren and their communities. 

Then what? More treesies, pleasie, in Ireland and across the globe!

Orla Farrell – Founder Easy Treesie

Easy Treesie Founder: Orla Farrell

Orla is a registered teacher at primary and second level with a background in educational administration including at adult level…

She’s a fortunate Irish Mammy of grown children who are forced to listen to tree stories at every encounter…

& guess what, was selected as one of Ireland’s top 50 Social Entrepreneurs by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.

Orla served as a public representative on Dublin City Council for the Clontarf Ward which gives her a good understanding of local government and national politics.

She had always dreamed of planting a big forest since hearing of the benefits of trees as a schoolgirl but had not found a way to realise this dream. A teacher’s salary is a modest one for this ambition so she looked another way of Re-Leafing Ireland. She confesses to being not much of a gardener – that would be her husband – so she called in the experts. The project began with planting with Conservation Volunteers of a 300-sapling woodland grove and native hedgerow at the school where she was teaching in Dublin for the Millenium celebrations in 1999. As the trees grew she wondered how other schools, even ones with no space could enjoy this experience. She was very much inspired by Al Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth” and the TED talk, “Plant a Tiny Forest” talk by Shubhendu Sharma. She discovered that Tiny Woodlands were being established in 60 countries with the goal of planting 1m trees set as a challenge by Felix, the then nine-year-old founder of Plant for the Planet and she set out to carry out this challenge in Ireland. The International Model was to run Climate Academies with Planting Parties, traditionally on Saturdays. Orla’s tweak was after organising a few, to involve school communities instead on school days, given that so many Irish children are so busy at the weekend. After involving children of neighbouring schools to her own in Baldoyle, soon the next towns of Malahide, Portmarnock and Swords joined in and then the project went almost-Nationwide under the auspices of charity Crann, Trees for Ireland and a host of generous supporters.

“I love children’s enthusiasm to care for nature, so many adults also want to take environmental action. I go around putting the elements together to enable this to happen. Most people are just doing their best. Virtual life has left us feeling out of touch with nature, tree planting is a simple and easy activity that has long term benefits with a cascade of positive results”

Orla Farrell – Linkedin

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