Thanks to all who joined us last evening! Some Q and As and Comments;

Hello all; I am doing a cut-and-paste here of some of our Q and As and comments...the list is not complete as some of the questions were answered during the event, I will transcribe them when I get a chance. Just putting these in this safe place so they don't get lost, we had other questions put at the session which were most interesting so I will add those in for the benefit of those who were not able to attend; we also have a recording, hurray, I'll put it together with a little trim so it can be accessed by the people who have requested it. Thanks for your contributions and especially to Mark and Marie! 

From Oscar: Is it true it takes about 10 years for a meadow to naturally establish itself? A; Pending…
Maria: Mark, I missed something at the start. Where is this impressive place we could see the aerial picture of?

A; Mark Wilkinson: Tyrrelstown House D15 T6DD Co. Dublin

Linda; I have lots of thistle too in our front lawn – a small area…. do you think the round up worked? Any sign of it this year?

A; On the recording…I will look this up…

Ciara: That’s a gorgeous photo
Maria: very true
Ciara : The butterflies might be able to get to it
Dermot: Curious thing is that Bees collect pollen from some varieties of trees which are wind pollinated.
Maria: I would like to know if there are any volunteer groups for planting trees, particularly in the Dublin and South Dublin area

Orla; Yes indeed Maria; Please send name, address and phone number to; with your address we are able to match you up with our nearest planting projects. Obviously in the past 15 months the planting arrangements have been by distanced planters, in pods/within their 2 or 5 k etc. depending on restrictions, we are putting together our programme for the upcoming season starting November 2021 which is when we plant the bulk of our saplings as bare-root trees.
Niamh: is it easy to collect seeds and what can you collect at the moment?

Ciara: I was wondering if you have clover in your gardens. I was reading today that they only got “weed” status because weed-killer kills them. But they are very good for bees

Elias; Thank you all for a great talk!
Niamh : thank you so much, Great talk
Marie: thanks Orla and Mark it was really informative and enjoyable
Maria: thank you
Steven: thank you !
Ciara : Thank you

Paul: Thank you for a good talk.

Thanks to the Irish Environmental Network for supporting our 3 #Biodiversityweek2021 events and to all our friends and helpers! Join us as we restore Ireland’s landscape with 1M trees by Ireland’s 1M schoolchildren and their communities!

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