An Update on All Things Trees!

Hi everybody; thank you so much for all the well wishes, calls and messages recently; here is what is going on this week; we are going hammer and tongs today gearing up for our upcoming TEDx Countdown event.

It is quite a challenge to get organised; our website crashed on “Nationwide” night, the official email packed in on Thursday so we are making do with patching up in terms of communications.

Due to the unprecedented success of a record National Tree Week and the length of our waiting list for participating communities and schools we are taking names, addresses and phone numbers only at this stage and will get back to you in the coming months with our new-season questions for you so we can best look after your requirements. Also let us know if you are under 18 as we copy in your parent/teacher/youth leader in any exchanges.

After every big initiative we like to conduct an evaluation; a what? It’s the Green Schools way and it works so that makes it our way too. It is of course rule 101 for teachers – to ask how did it go for everyone – and we are a teacher-lead project. Well No. 1 is we put your trees on the map where any planting has taken place over 100 saplings. We have to be sure there is no double counting obviously. So that is going to take a bit of time. We have a polygon-lesson coming up soon with Imogen Rabone on zoom (of Trees on the Land) and Brendan Fitzsimons of the Tree Council has an expert we are planning to look to for advice given the scale of our planting and the challenges of licensing requirements currently. Next we like to see how we can improve our service and ask for any other observations. We like praise and we welcome constructive criticism. So we’ll talk soon. In the meantime we’ve to #stoptalkingstartplanting as we are wrapping up our Tree Week 2021 project at the same time, with a nice bow.

P.S.; How cool is our logo. Thank you to co-organiser Canqi Li of Brown University who made it and all our team working away all distanced, looking forward to an Easter Egg feast whenever we can!

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