Jerusalema Dance; Easy Treesie Challenges You ;

And when you stop dancing, #startplanting !

We all loved the An Garda Síochána #JerusalemaChallenge ! Have you learned the steps yet, they are on @YouTube tutorials. Our team thought we would take a break during #TreeWeek and do a little dance to rise to the challenge. Thanks to everyone who danced and helped, (warning the rabbit has run away though, watch out for your saplings and signs they are being nibbled; if so, tree-guards!)

We love challenges, it’s why we are doing Felix Finkbeiner ‘s 1M challenge with Plant-for-the-Planet Deutschland (Official) which is now of course the challenge !Over to you; what about the #Jerusalemachallenge in your favourite planting gear and then of course, #plantatree ! With almost 100k trees planted during our #NationalTreeWeek in our collaboration with our many friends (Thank you Tree Council of Ireland for all the help and for the #nativesaplings @Coillte and #TreesontheLand !!! And go #TreePlanters everywhere, please send us your pictures and videos till we give you a shout out! ) ; It’s all go here at the #TreeHouse. We are now busy organising for our upcoming TEDxCrannTreesForIreland TEDx#TEDxCountdown Conference on #EarthDay #2021. Our theme? #Restore ! Like it? Thanks to my co-organisor, Canqi Li! Meet some of the #TeamTreesIE Ideas Worth Spreading and it’s all about Trees as Part-Solution to the Climate Crisis; they can buy us 1 degree as we find other solutions. #TreeWeek2021 #Go Greener with Grangecon #Aileen O’Meara

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