Are we working harder than we need to? asks @YogawithAdrienne EASE

What a great question Adrienne asks; are we working harder than we need to? There is a great thought.

Are you? Easy Treesie of course likes Easy, it’s in our name!

All this sitting at my new computer takes its toll. Pilates yesterday and Yoga Today. Nothing like some Downward Dog – Dogs love Trees. I love Adrienne, my daughter introduced me to her series when she was doing a Master’s Degree and was also a long time at her desk. Now among other things my daughter is a qualified yoga instructor and I really enjoyed her classes in our local church hall last Autumn. Now those classes are in abeyance I am back to Yoga.

Are there more important things than getting exercise? Well I delayed my new #PowerHour started yesterday when I found the @Leaf webinar buy my dear husband at breakfast says exercise can so easily be deferred indefinitely it is better to do it every day at the same hour. So that is going on the timetable.

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