Day 4 Tree-ts

Putting together our little timetable here; I recommend Scoilnet. has lots of fun ideas

9.00 Positivitree, Gratitude Meditation and/or Johnny Appleseed Grace

9.15 Go Noodle P.E.

9.20 The Language Arts. Language 2 or more; Duolingo

10.00 Time for work on the Mother Tongue, Language 1

10.30 Snack Time

10.45 Playtime – Free Play

11.00 Khan Academy time, or equivalent

10.25 Yoga with Adrienne

10.45 More Khan Academy

12.00 Spiritual Formation or Wellness. Mass with Pope Francis or your own religious or secular equivalent

12.30 Lunch

12.45 Playtime

1.15 Pick a subject; Nature, History, Geography, Science, there is no limit!

1.40 Movement break

1.45 Arts, Crafts and Handwork. Music.

2.15 Story Time. Drop Everything and Read or Audio Book

2.30 Tidy Up!

2.35 Another song or Johnny Appleseed again

2.40 It’s Home Time!

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