Lockdown during the Covid Novel Corona pandemic.

Dear Friends,

Greetings to all our supporters at this challenging time.  We hope this finds you, your family and your community well. We refer all our supporters to our government and health service executive guidelines for all the latest advice about social distancing, hand washing, etiquette re; coughing and sneezing as well as other important updates. Safety is always our number one priority and we have had a zero-injury record this season. (Last year we had 2 nettle stings and the year before one lost shoe in the mud – we strive always to improve!). 

Congratulations to all who have been involved with the Easy Treesie – Crann project this season supporting us in so many ways. Our count is an astonishing 100,000 approx. trees planted with Ireland’s school children and their communities – planted in the three years our project has been up and running. We are adding up the final exact tot. To all those who helped us achieve this astonishing result, we extend our sincere thanks.

World Day of Forests is tomorrow, 21st March. All tree distribution and planting is now ended due to the National Emergency. Should you have any saplings in your care they can be stored until next season. Here is a link as to how to do this; (heeled-in, click on link here https://www.thegardenshop.ie/how-to-heel-in-bare-root-shrubs-and-tress/ . We would add to loosen up the soil and heel in at the other side also; the reason is to make sure there is no air left in around the roots & open the ties after heeling in so that air can circulate around the stems, otherwise they will get botrytis. … especially if people leave them heeled in over a long period of time).

Until further notice all project Assemblies until further will take place digitally; to celebrate our achievements and to answer An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s call on St. Patrick’s Day to support communities in innovative ways, we are holding a  Easy Treesie Digital Tree Week featuring events you can join Online or At Home including the first ever Digital Tree Academy, Tree Q & A with my fellow board member and former chief Forestry Inspector for Ireland Diarmuid Mc Aree,  some Digital Film Watching and Digital Tree Planting. Details of this as well as our apple-tree project for when the schools re-open will be on our website, https://www.easytreesie.com/our-digital-online-virtual-tree-week/.

You may enjoy these three short films we made during some of our events earlier this year.

on Vimeo (ad-free)

on Vimeo (ad-free)

How to Plant a Tree Sapling? – Easy Treesie

It’s Easy Treesie to Plant-for-the-Planet at the Royal Irish Academy (three minute version)

It’s Easy Treesie to Plant-for-the-Planet (one-minute social media version)


On Youtube

How to Plant a Tree Sapling? – Easy Treesie!

It’s Easy Treesie to Plant-for-the-Planet at the Royal Irish Academy (three minute version)

It’s Easy Treesie to Plant-for-the-Planet (one-minute social media version)


It’s Lockdown. Virtual Only.

We have been observing government guidelines to the letter and beyond. We are in lockdown at the Easy Treesie – Crann project and are communicating from the Tree House, “finding new and innovative ways to teach on line” as recommended by our Irish Prime Minister, a medical doctor, Leo Varadkar, in order to support children working from home. Our Planting Parties are suspended for now and have also moved online; strictly no assembly; you can virtually plant a tree on our app, http://www.trilliontreecampaign.org and http://www.crann.ie. If you have any saplings in a bag, simply heel them in at home – (taking care with all the government recommendations – hand washing, social distancing, all hygiene etiquette) and they can wait out the resolution of our new situation until next Winter.

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