10 Best Indoor Trees – Best Indoor Trees You Can Buy


It says “First day of Autumn” on my American calendar today… we declare Autumn on August 1! Our children gave us an Olive tree years ago and it is still doing well. Money trees are a favourite of our project, we gave out many (easy to grow from a slip) as the story is you won’t run out of money if you have one! Works for us so far! I like the NASA recommended plants for clean air too… Areca palm, peace lily, spider plant, mother in law’s tongue and have many of those. The children in school said they made our classroom “like Paradise!” Since I’ve got disciplined about recycling kitchen & shower water they never dry out.

Off to buy a raincoat today in Patagonia, we plant in all weathers, and have my husband’s old one repaired (free!). Great idea, Patagonia. I need to thank them for putting on such an amazing evening with us: stellar hosts!

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