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Easy Treesie Crann Project; Countdown to Day Zero. We visit Cape Town Schools adapting to Climate Breakdown from Aileen O'Meara Media on Vimeo.

Orla Farrell of the easy treesie – Crann project, working on the global Plant-for-the-Planet challenge to plant one million trees with the children of each country, visits 3 Cape Town schools as they deal with the challenge of living in the first major global city running out of water. Their courage and ingenuity in the face of these difficulties are a master class in how we can face such events which are being replicated in many countries experiencing Climate breakdown. We focus on #naturesolutions being carried out in the school communities of the Mellon Educate Foundation and Rustenburg school, in particular the importance of planting trees to this response. Carbon offsetting was carried out through tree planting within our project to compensate for air travel as part of this project, which was part of a wider . We are very grateful to Aileen O Meara media and her team. We acknowledge with gratitude the assistance of these schools communities and all who helped in sharing their tale of resilience with the world. A further note of thanks to Kyalami Prep and Radford House, Johannesburg, Fishoek and Rondabosch Schools who participated in tree-planting workshops as Tree Solutions for Climate Adaptation in this OuTREEch initiative, twinning Ireland’s eco schools (Green Schools) – Climate Ambassador approach and South Africa in an ongoing collaboration for SymmeTREE in the face of a global emergency.

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