Don’t give a fig about Climate Action? What about a Plum VILLAGE?


JOIN US TOMORROW SATURDAY 24TH AUGUST, WE’RE PLANTING FIG & PLUM TREES in the fruit orchard at Dublin City Farm. We’ve had the great pleasure of donating this orchard into the qualified hands of Marianne and her team of horticulturalists (Aaron) Environmentalists (Audrey) and her huge merry band of volunteers of all ages and species…(this morning the hamster was being lovingly stroked by four children, the favourite goat presided over all the coming and going from a height of delicious straw and green nibbles). Now this is just a little ceremony, we are meeting at the Red Stables at twelve (NOON; that’s noon; I was actually asked on the last walk was it midnight, no it isn’t) when we will walk along the tree trail to the farm, plant our trees, greet the farm denizens, thank our hosts then walk along the rest of the tree trail back to base. I have small nibbles of Plant-for-the-Planet nutella chocolate for those who listen carefully and can answer my questions at the end, the chocolate is a gift from those great Munich Plant-for-the-Planeteers who are working tirelessly on the world UNIPEDE – backed trillion tree project. 


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