Tree House Shutting for some R&R from today until August 23rd!

It’s holiday time and easy treesie is off to Munich to meet with Plant-for-the-Planet’s International Manager and staff in Tutzing! Olé olé olé. Mode of travel; bike and train, mostly, via the beautiful forests of Switzerland and Germany, there will be nearly twenty of us!!! Enjoy August, soon it will be planting time again, hope you can come to our Heritage Week walk at the end of the month and to our Culture Night Event which will be announced on Tuesday! Check out our great articles from this month’s “Crann” magazine for some summer reading! We will re-open on 23rd August!

easy treesie plants at Santry Demesne on National Tree Week Crann magazine features the easy treesie project- Crann p.12-16 Summer edition

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