The start of the planting season??? not so fast….

Such a lovely Autumn and early Winter we have had. The tree colours are remarkable. What it has meant for us is that the planting season is in fact delayed by several weeks. My lovely hazel tree at the front door is still covered in leaves. I thought some yellow plastic rubbish in my garden but no, it was a silver birch tree leaf blown in from the street in this startling yellow I picture below.

So we have a little more time to get organised. Climate Change of course is the factor. I spoke to a forest specialist today as I tried to order bare root stock; they just are not ready yet to lift. He remembered decades ago planting in early October but warned that planting before we hear back from the lab that they are officially dormant leaves us open to the risk of the newly planted whips not making it. So wait we will.

It’s not all easy going though because in fact the season also ends earlier than heretofore because growth is generally starting earlier. No time to waste then. We are thrilled to have Fingal County Council busy preparing our site for the first 1,000 trees of the season in Malahide. Thank you very much, team Malahide!


There’s another job I notice. My old chair definitely needs oiling. I thought my photo looked shabby chic but there is a limit! 

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