It’s the Ballad of A Would-Be Climate Hero

I’m planting here in Ireland a million native trees

With Ireland’s million children, deadline 2023.

Part of a UN project started by a boy in school

& a teacher down in Kenya who knew how to make earth cool.

I have the Hero Costume; you’ll have seen me planting trees,

Cape of red to combat weather, check, from Lidl-or-Aldi-dee.

An Irish Mammy’s handbag, in two capacious sizes

Essential store for all the kit, (I give out many prizes);

A bag of local hazelnuts, (you can even pick them free,)

And chocolate bars from tree HQ (eat five you get a tree)


My Tools of course are magic; a home-grown elder wand;

And a spade from an Admirer – of that I’m especially fond

Epic Planting Mountain Boots, from colleagues back in school.

(Saving planets from disaster guys, you need to look quite cool.)

A phone (no data limit plan!) one needs when thinking big

To sweet talk all those people round who couldn’t give a fig.

Into parting with resources, they do it in the end.

My laptop is an Apple I’ve a magic wooden pen

My trick is sending emails full of PositiviTREE,

It melts away resistance then they give the stuff we need.

We just got grants of 10k from 6 Local Councils,

And the Waters and Communities fund and we hadn’t finished counting.

The Community Foundation for Ireland gave us their latest, biggest grant!

10 thousand euros for the Environment, we can REALLY start to plant!

Any Climate hero worth their salt has daily spells of thinking,


Will I ever get this done and stop our lovely world from sinking?


My partner and my kids hear all my trials and TREEbulations


Herculean battles through red tape and regulations.



Lucky heroes have a team and mine are less than half my age

Our mantra’s very easy – fits on one recycled page

“Stop Talking and Start Planting”, it’s our global sacred creed

From Malin Head to Mizen spread Biodiversity

The children love to go outside or on radio and TV.

They love to feel like heroes too and dig for Victory.


The cape is handy on my bike, My car’s of course a Leaf,

And when I offset flying miles with trees it’s a relief.

I plant trees all around the world, in March in Italy

For the International project I grew a lemon tree.

Delightful for a gin and tonic resting by a pool.

Though in Africa it’s mango trees and Ironwood as a rule

How to score the global goals? It’s Easy lemon squeezy,

Buy a tree for just a euro; climate sorted easy treesie!

Let’s all Save Planet Earth, you know the simplest way to act


Planting trees – they’re carbon processors and that’s a well-known fact.


Easy treesie is our website, sign up and buy a tree


Or come and help us dig the holes (feel smug then as you please ).


This is a Hero’s Battle, we could really use a hand


Add a tree to our tree-counting app and join our merry band,

Orla, An Taisce Climate Ambassador and wannabe HeroOrla Farrell Baldoyle easy treesie project at World Meeting of Families 2018 _ Flickr

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