We’ve Applied to ENFUSE with 7 Universities

Good news! We just got confirmation of our application to ENFUSE; “Thank you for applying to participate in ENFUSE 2023. We will update you on your application status by 07/02/2023.”

Their application asked about these areas…here were some of our responses…

 Overview of enterprise and core activities

We are planting 1 million trees with Ireland’s 1 million schoolchildren and their communities as a climate action as part of the world trillion tree campaign & the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. We’ve 340k trees planted since Nov. 2019 collaborating with the Tree Council, GAA etc. Our world motto? #Stop Talking Start Planting. We engage communities to carry out tree planting in their own localities ideally on public land. We lobby to expand planting permissions from native-only trees to include climate-resilient trees onto planting lists and to improve on a current planning red tape regime restricting tree planting and maintenance. We coax people to plant trees & sponsors to sponsor them!

* Description of a challenge / opportunity / area that a student team could research and produce a plan on

Tree planting is the cheapest, easiest start we can make in Ireland to address global heating – best country in EU to grow trees with most scope! Bringing down temperature by 1 degree C this decade can be achieved through achieving the world campaign goal of 1 trillion trees planted to buy 17 years time to find more lasting solutions. Can you rise to that challenge, Masters students? Bonus points for making it look cool to plant trees. Our gaps? Signage for our woodlands e.g. a template for  existing street furniture; animations; one-pager guides; fund raising; Magic; Billionaire philanthropists!

* Outline of why you / the enterprise would like to participate in ENFUSE

We’ve carried out 5 great projects with TU Dublin/DCU & TCD students which have moved our project up a level with each contribution. Our team is small and voluntary and we have waiting lists every year of groups who want to plant, there’s great demand to restore our environment through the planting of the right trees in the right places. We’re filling a gap as a kickstarter for communities wanting to do this & would like to do things smarter to help more do it better.

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