How are we achieving our Climate Action Goals…notes…

A deeper understanding of how our organization plans to achieve its goals/

Who is affected by the environmental issues we address, how our organization is working with and represents those affected, and how our action plan will accomplish the long-term change we’ve set out to achieve?


We believe that the most direct path to real change is through building grassroots momentum, how are we building our network of support and mobilizing that network to act on your work?

We were asked these questions for a grant proposal this week and these were our answers…

Our Motto is that of our international Plant-for-the-Planet movement; #Stop Talking Start Planting. That’s it! The plan – planting a trillion trees during this UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration has already been put together. Its aim? The reduction of temperature by 1 degree centigrade to buy 17 years time in order to find lasting solution. We carry this out while promoting decarbonisation throughout society. This plan is being spearheaded by Plant-for-the-Planet with the backing of Crowther Labs Zurich and 

We are all affected as is all life on the planet by global warming and the biodiversity crisis. We have engaged almost 330 communities in Ireland and have planted over 330,000 saplings since January 2019. Trees grow faster in Ireland than almost anywhere in Europe due to our temperate climate and we have a bigger percentage of land available for planting than any country in Europe due to our low canopy percentage at 11.5%. 

We are teamed with Ireland’s premier Tree Charity, Crann – Trees for Ireland whose patron is our Head of State, President Michael D. Higgins. We presented him with our 100,000 th tree planted during Tree Day 2020 at his residence with a team including 2 young Climate Justice Ambassadors. We love to involve public representatives in what we do and have met with the Lord Mayor of Ireland’s biggest local authority, Fingal as part of our joint event with Patagonia for Culture Night in September this year, 2022. We have a loyal following on social media and post consistently to tell the story of our planting communities. We work with our very successful An Taisce Green Schools programme which kick-started this project and held a workshop in collaboration with them also during our joint Patagonia event for Culture Night this month. 

We run Tree Academies both face-to-face and online. And we give out tree-ts…now that is our real secret. Chocolate of course for all of our planters! 

The Easy Treesie – Crann Project

A mooted project awaiting funding;

We are looking at planting 24,000 treesies

With 2,400 kiddies

And their communities, whatever the weather,

In 24 daisies (that means a small day to us. Over by late lunchtime because the days are short in the dormant season when we plant!)

24 Tree Parties.

New children with their communities attend each event.

1,000 trees planted at each one.

Tree-mendous. Can we do it? Yes we Crann! (Crann means “tree” in Irish –

you know “Gael” means “Tree people”?).

We, the Easy Treesie – Crann Project are pleased to be working on our Climate and Biodiversity Children’s Action project, part of the global challenge by UNEP-backed Plant-for-the-Planet and the world trillion tree project Guess what; we are planting 1m trees with Ireland’s 1m school children by twenty twenty tree no strike that four…(Covid slowed us down a little, though only a little.)

Are we mad or what? Actually no. Read this about the Royal Dublin Society;

“Between 1766 and 1806 over 55 million trees were planted in Ireland on foot of the Society’s initiatives.”

So it has been done before – 5 times faster than we propose! All over the world we see volunteers coming out to join such initiatives. Look at India planting 50m in one day in 2016 and 66m in 2017! All it needs is someone to organise the land, the saplings and the planters. That would be us in Easy Treesie – Crann. We do the planting so fastthat we have time for snacks! The adults give lots of help digging the holes (we are an all-electric project and dig the holes using an electric Ogre – we meanAugur which is a hole-digging cordless clean silent cool gadget). We transport the tools by electric Nissan Leaf as far as possible (given its range is that of a 2014 model). We plant with direction from an expert tree professional. 

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