We’re sending our submissions for the Forest Strategy…

Here are some of our replies…Easy Treesie has put together an outline plan to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 as part of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The Climate and Biodiversity crisis is so serious that the goal of our global @1t.org project, to plant 1 trillion trees by 2030 globally to bring down temperature by 1 degree C, so buying 17 years time to work on more lasting solutions, is while ambitious, the best current solution to global heating and its effects. https://youtu.be/KoiCr5jOG3c Gerhardt Gallagher’s TEDxCrannTreesforIreland conference talk.

Well done on these ambitions. Thank you for your ex-tree-ordinary help to date with our children’s Tree Project with Plant-for-the-Planet. We urge even higher ambition, we will do everything we can to support the goal of re-leafing Ireland.

Getting global temperature down is critical for biodiversity. Many non-natives grow very well in Ireland and add to the resilience of our existing tree canopy in many cases where chosen to take account of our changing weather patterns. The genetic profile of our native trees is extremely narrow and makes them very susceptible to disease wipeout. Conifers capture carbon winter and summer.

Wood for export is also a consideration as well as all kinds of green jobs in the forest industry.

There is so much fake news abour re; Forests for Wood where members of the public have been misled about monoculture which after all has not been practised for decades. A public information campaign is important – I realise you just had one but the negative comments take a lot of work to counteract. Perhaps you could try with humour/cartoons etc., trolls are tricky to combat. I think the policy has been to ignore critical comments say in the papers, I would suggest it time to combat the fake news with robust responses. Great idea where there is carbon emission risk. Peatlands in many case were once forest and where restoring forest is appropriate this can be a more valuable habitat, see Vesi International’s work. Embracing the #restore theme with #generationrestoration of this UN Decade says it all.

While toilets, if they can be put in – not necessarily flush – are useful, bins are not. “Leave no Trace” is a simpler and easier policy, have it on a sign.Just as Tidy Towns and residents’ groups play a large part in keeping localities litter-free and clean and where many now have become stewards of local trees and wild areas, so too Adopt-a-Forest groups could contribute. Using existing such networks is simplest including scouting and youth organisations etc. The Gael means “Forest People”. Coillte are the real climate heroes as yet unrecognised. Time to blow the trumpet!

Reducing global temperature is actually the most important item on the Wish List as if temperature keeps going up then things are grim. So planting lots and lots of trees for carbon capture is a priority ahead of interpretive centres for example and installing renewable installations is equally important. David Attenborough points out that prioritising say monoculture eucalyptus with the aim of carbon capture would be a bad move so well-managed is key and species mix – perhaps 5 or so at a miniumum – seems very wise in the light of our experience say in Ash Plantations and their recent wipeout.Carbon first in forests planted for resilience, biodiversity will follow. Re; decarbonisation. Prioritising EV transport by having chargepoints if possible and public transport. Keep up your good work.

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