Join us for a Walk and Weed!

Swords Woodland Association with Swords Tidy Towns and many local schools and their communities have been planting as part of our project at this site since November 2019. This was our first week of mass planting, when we planted 30,000 native saplings nationwide with the participation of the Tree Council of Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland. We are going to do some trampling of the weeds around these young trees planted by local school children over 2 years ago which will help the trees grow better. We work in association with Crann – Trees for Ireland and are very grateful for the support of Fingal County Council who have supported our project from the start. ..Any children joining us will require an adult chaperone. Please dress in clothes suitable for this activity; long trousers as we plan to trample weeds, stout boots and while we will provide gloves you may prefer to bring your own. All aspects of this event follow all Covid-19 national guidelines.

Join us tomorrow, let’s stomp on those weeds! Yes we love #weeds, they are competing for nutrients with our new #nativesaplings so we are just doing a little maintenance, not disturbing the soil in preparation for some mulching. It’s been very dry so this will help retain moisture. Go trees! In Association with Crann – Trees for Ireland Tree Council of Ireland Thanks to the Irish Environmental Network for their support

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