How’s your Pose of the Tree?

Some expert coaching from the great Laura O Callaghan!

#Thankyou Laura O Driscoll and Home at the Schoolhouse for this great resource! Thought I would dip in to the YouTube channel for the #greatreturn to the #office this week! not in a very organised way, I have started with your great lesson on the #poseofthetree (at 12 minutes) Laura. I would love to get to your classes, it is our busiest tree planting season though with all the orders being organised and as Greenore man Peter Larkin mentioned sitting in a chair doing spreadsheets takes its toll on us all, so thanks for a #greatreset during the #greatreturn and hope to get to your #tree – mendous new #studio as soon as we have all those #treesintheground before #Easter. It’s very #chilled, love it, thank you so much for making it available on youtube and how super cool of you to donate your work to LauraLynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice on this their 10th anniversary as they celebrate their #thankyou week.

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