Have you sent your address, postcode, eircode and phone number?

Just waiting to hear our tree allocation for Tree Week 2022 from our main sponsors. We like to deliver what we promise. As soon as we know how many we have and what species we will send out offers; we are now taking details for our upcoming 2021-2022 planting season at orla@easytreesie.com! Please send us your name, address and phone number (or that of your parent or teacher if you are under 18) if you would like to plant 100-300 trees with your community in the lead up to Tree Week in March 2022! We will get back to you asap; we prioritise groups who have sent us all the information above; we had some issues recently with mail that went en bloc to spam -sorry – so this may be you! As we’d a waiting list last year we are prioritising our list for delivery in advance of Easter 2022 with our sponsors. Some delays to with cranking up our corporate volunteer planting as the councils have been very much affected by COVID-19 staffing issues, bear with us. If you are in a hurry to plant then order some from your local nursery yourself and #stoptalkingstartplanting!

We get lots of one-liner queries; it really helps if we have the information listed above.

The reason is we often have projects up and running in certain areas and we strive to avoid duplication and make life easy so it is usually easier for us to connect you with an existing local project than start afresh.

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