Great to be buddied up with Plant-for-the-Planet in Cameroon; check out how refugees there turned the desert into a forest!

Thanks Plant-for-the-Planet summit; I’ve been twinned with my counterpart in Cameroon, who has been working with the foundation for 6 years.

I have already learned a lot! Has anyone used Google Agenda, planning to try that out on his advice. And more delegation is required. I am so grateful for our new intern Sean who has been such a help in sorting the In-Box which got way out of hand after our “Nationwide” interview – the night the website went down – and has yet to recover. I’ll be learning all the tricks at the Summit tomorrow and over the weekend. In the meantime stand by those who have emailed looking for trees, our list is being compiled…

Also; which tree to plant?

Really exciting to be off to the Plant-for-the-Planet summit – the fourth time Ireland has been represented. We have so much to learn from other countries, being as we are at the bottom of the Tree League in Europe with Malta & the Netherlands…maybe we will do like Portlaoise who went from the bottom of the Irish Business Against Litter league to TOP this year. We’ve done that kind of thing before! I remember using windy telephones on a party line in the 80s in the West and then our telecommunications leapfrogged everyone! Can we do it?

#generationrestoration #easytreesie #restore waits for the iron…
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