Closing date; tomorrow 20/10/2021; It’s time for the Global Summit of Plant-for-the-Planet!

Apply now; What is My motivation for attending?

I am coming along to thank the PftP team for all of their star support; you are all champions! I joined the Plant-for-the-Planet family as soon as I found it online while running my school Eco Schools programme; I so admired Felix’s vision – so important for my country, Ireland where we have the lowest tree cover with Malta in Europe – that I resolved to go for his challenge and plant 1M trees with Ireland’s 1M children and their communities. So far we have run 3 face-to-face and the first ever virtual PftP Tree Academies and planted over 200k trees and next month start planting 45k more with our biggest national sporting organisation. I am coming for motivation, inspiration and connection as I learn so much from what others are doing. And a dash of magic! I am very happy to belong to this community of superheroes!

What do I hope to learn and see?

I like to see those I have met before and get to know the new “movers and shakers”. To learn? Every trick in the book; I would especially like to map our trees on the PftP app map. The latest science so I can communicate with our partners. All the latest news re; COP, the Crowther Labs, the trillion tree campaign.

What type of session will I lead?

I will be planting a native Irish tree so I will be doing a tree planting session; I may also do a PoeTREE workshop (Poetry) and art to go with the planting and we can also sing a few songs… a quiz. If they are stuck for something I can try it out, my skills & superpower is that I am a registered teacher at Primary and Second level with experience of adult education & am an an environmental educationalist. Fluent English, French & Irish!

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