A Tidying Festival in the Tree House; I find a poem…

Setting up the office for the season while listening to the radio. Active travel is in the news with our National Development Plan debate; before you complain about this, I realise I was lucky where I live that we had footpaths and safe crossings which allowed our four children walk to school. I refer to a second issue where in many schools children are not allowed to run in the school yard for apparently insurance reasons. A call to the insurance industry; what if you are wrong and children are less healthy when they don’t run in the yard? What will that cost if someone sues when they develop diabetes, obesity or depression from having to pace in a yard like being in a chain gang? Back to the tidying now. Lord. I won’t photograph this office.

I found a poem I wrote at one of our workshops;


“If we loved our children

We would let them run to school

And in the yards among the trees.

When they fell

We would bandage up their knees.

Not on ipads or a phone watching Dora the Explorer in a car

Strapped firmly down, in traffic

Don’t you think it’s bizarre?

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