Earth Day – Did you water your saplings if they are dry, tree planters?

We posted this on Earth Day…did you get your watering done? Want to check your saplings now now, it has been very dry!

Happy #EarthDay; Last chance to watch our #Feelgood #FilmFriday on @RTÉ player tomorrow; Check out our @Nationwide interview on March 25th, #TreeWeek2021 available until tomorrow night. Many thanks to all who made #NationalTreeWeek such a success including our new supporters @RethinkIreland and our large number of new communities around the country. Oh; please people, unless you are in the West and it has rained, now is a great time to give your new saplings a good drenching. You won’t have to be at it all the time, 3 weeks after planting is a great time to do it says our chairman of @CrannTrees @MarkWilkinson. Also watch out for weeds. Mulch is another good thing. We look after Earth and she will mind us!

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