A Tree For All in Baldoyle…

Leadership and inspiration, we love to collaborate. Especially on grants.

Thanks to all those who helped at our very first Plant-for-the-Planet Tree Academy held in Baldoyle when we planted our first 300 trees at Seagrange Park – less than a million to go!

A special thanks to teenagers Erin and Hannah who travelled with Plant-for-the-Planet UK co-ordinator Wendy Davis and with parent chaperone/volunteer support also from Andover, UK. And of course to the amazing Plant-for-the-Planet support team. St. Laurence School were our hosts at this memorable first event where we welcomed participants from several other schools in Fingal/Dublin City.

We are really really grateful to the Baldoyle community in North Dublin for their sterling support over the years for our new and exciting restoration project, #generationrestoration #restore. Lidl, Grange Providers and a host of local outfits have contributed as well as many businesses in the hinterland.

Restoring a billion trees to Ireland’s landscape during this decade is our latest ambition at Easy Treesie. Our sponsors have allowed us sponsored Planting stock – trees, both saplings and semi-mature and Planting Parties in Baldoyle on many occasions. We’ve also sponsored – again through our supporters – refreshments, film making etc. promoting the area’s natural heritage.

Restoring the landscape starting with trees is our interest; wherever we can. We plant mostly native trees or trees common to Ireland for centuries, we also love fruit trees. Our project http://www.easytreesie.com started in Baldoyle do you know and is part of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration world Trillion Tree Challenge – we brought the Plant-for-the-Planet Million Tree Challenge to Ireland in 2016 having planted a native hedgerow and grove of trees (300) in St. Laurence NS for the millenium.

Now that we have planted one tree for every child in Baldoyle we are collaborating to plant a tree for every resident of Baldoyle! Not many to go!

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