Odes to a Summer Solstice? Our soothing…CommuniTREE!

Canqi and Breda, in Budapest and Tyrone respectively, joined me in writing an ode back on the Winter Solstice morning. As we approach (so soon!) the Summer Solstice, I thought it would be fun to post them up.

“We mark today

The turning of this year of loneliness of the heart

With this parting#New community.


Lovely what? Very good!

Winter Solstice 2020

A delicate sapling of two little Scots Pines,

Irish Oak are being planted out later today.

They leave the nursery

To go off and live in a public park

Beside a stream

With all the bigger trees

And join the wood wide web in the cold earth.

Fab, what? Well done poets. It calls for a painting to match I think.

I found one more…

Tim climbed a tree – A

Really Big tree.

Everything looked so small

Except little Tim. (From our Listowel PoeTREE workshop in 2018…at the bottom of my bag!)

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