It’s here; #GenerationRestoration #UNDecadeonEcosystemRestoration

I’m spending the day here virtually in #Pakistan; on the live broadcast celebrating this country’s climate neutrality. Thanks to our TU Dublin intern 2019-2020 who has shared the story of his native country’s epic #treeplanting work. Here is the link to the live session. We’ve two trees ready to plant, we may be ready later today, if not we will get it done in the next few days.

It’s here! #ecosystemrestoration #GenerationRestoration #reset the #relationship . Pakistan has finished planting its billion trees; we have more room than any other European country so let’s #stoptalking #startplanting; we dedicate ourselves to also #planting #abilliontreesforIreland; Pakistan did it in 5 years, we are giving ourselves #tenyears. How many is that each we have to #plant? About a bin bag. 200 each, space for 6 cars or so so if your garden is not that big look around for a corner near you. We found space in the local hospital grounds, on the roadside, on a green, in some school gardens etc.; it is great fun to go for a walk and see how they are growing! (fast!) #planfortheplanet

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