Happy #EarthDay2021; Join us on RTÉ Nationwide for our #FeelgoodFilmFriday today!


Last chance to watch our piece on RTÉ One #Nationwide to celebrate #EarthDay2021 with our #Feelgood #FilmFriday ; learn how we are #planting 1M #trees with Ireland’s 1M #schoolchildren. Our piece is after the interval. Thanks so much to the great TV crew who did the filming in these tricky circumstances, to my dear husband who did the spadework and to all the helpers who have made this happen including the teams at @CrannTrees Rethink Ireland Patagonia An Comhairle Crann and the almost 300 #communities who are out now enjoying their new trees. P.S.; have not managed to get back to all the new communities yet who are asking to be on our next list, that is because we are working on a super exciting #TEDxCrannTreesforIreland conference on 29 April! But oh! Please! All those who planted trees during #nationaltreeweek #treeweek2021 unless you are in the West where it has rained a lot, please will you check are your saplings getting dry? A good drenching would be the very thing now. Grey water best. And it is never too early to trample weeds and to mulch!

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