All the Tree People are Connected in the Wood Wide Web!

Just saw an amazing video of the now tree-lined Electric Picnic OakTree Campsite!!!

I think #ElectricPicnic will have to go on my wish-list for my #postCovid19 #wishlist. #Tent ready! Bring on the #treehugging #glamping ! Just heard about this from James Kennedy of Aqua Homes; Thanks James!!! Just learned about Aqua Homes, BYEcocamping and more at the great session this morning with Shane and his team…he is the Enterprise Development Manager at Inner City Enterprise.It is so energising to tic tac with Social Entrepreneurs. It’s a few years now since I got into Socialentrepreneur Ireland’s top 50, I miss those amazing #hackathon sessions wow in Bankof Ireland at #grandcanaldock, the #Treemendous one ESB Electricity Supply Board one where we spent a whole weekend working on cool solutions of #electriccars at Dogpatch Labs and @ the Stripe building #educationhackathon where our project began! Happy memories of Marathon #socialising, #fingerscrossed l Guess who was there too; Pocket Forests !!!lol all the tree people are connected, it’s the wood wide web!!!

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