Using what is Good

On Re-inventing the wheel. Back in the Sea Scouts on our Ham radio Jamboree of the Air, we used the aviation alphabet because it worked.
Sometimes I have to spell out “Easy Treesie”.
You may ask, why we did not pick a name easier to spell.
Well, that is the modern world, if you are picking a project, a lot of the easy names are gone.

How to spell Easy Treesie?
Echo, Alpha, Sierra, Yankee
Tango, Romeo, Echo, Echo, Sierra, Yankee

I’ve been spelling out our email on the phone saying “E for…” ohhhhhhhhhh whatever word I think of. That is why we have an aviation alphabet. It works so I shall use it, for my Eircode Postcode too, the words were picked for simplicity.
Or perhaps I will revive our ancient Tree Alphabet!!!
Elder, Aspen, Strawberry, Yew,
T, Rowan, Elm, Elder, Spindle, Yew hmm stuck on the T; we could use the Latin Taxus Baccata for the Yew again.

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