144 Zooming tonight on 2 islands, talking Rotary International’s New Area of Focus

What an exciting invitation! 144 in attendance right now.

I am lucky to be the local Rotary Club environment officer and tonight we have an international event!

Here is the invite; “We as inhabitants of this planet and as Rotarians have a vested interest in protecting our Environment. To Help you as Rotarians to become involved I a inviting you to a joint forum with our 3 sister districts in Scotland. We have arranged a presentation by Keep Scotland Beautiful and from Ireland Lynne Glasscoe to help guide and inspire us.”

Of course I let the meeting know what we are up to! Here is the message.

“Greetings from Orla of Raheny Rotary, Dublin; today is traditionally our first day of Spring, St. Brigid’s Day, our patron saint of nature. CongraTREElations on all the great tree planting we are hearing of with the Great Caledonian Forest, the Jubilee Forests that we are connected with through Andover Trees and all the other great biodiversiTREE projects we see here happening on the news. Every good wish to all involved in this exciting event this evening!”

As @LynneGlasscoe says, we have the lowest tree cover in Europe at 12%. Raheny Rotary is supporting our “Easy Treesie.com” project, part of the UN Trillion Tree Project through the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, 2021 – 31, to bring down temperature by 1 degree while we find other fixes. The challenge, from Plant-for-the-Planet.org’s Felix Age 9 is for the children of every country in the world to plant 1 Million Trees. We just presented our 100,000th sapling (Scots Pine) to our Head of State, President Michael D. Higgins. Join us and plant trees in your local area (#stayingsafe), add them to the world’s children’s counter!

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