We love our Trees in the City, why not make a Virtual Tree Trail in your garden or neighbourhood? Day 20

Clontarf Promenade today. Why not make a tree trail in your own garden or near neighbourhood? Challenge; how many of our 28 native trees do you have near your home? You don’t need signs OR you could use chalk! @3CounciI @TreesforCities @TreesintheCity.

By the way, this is our last day of running the hedge school. It has been lots of fun, the highlight being our Virtual Tree Academy. We ran the hedge school for four weeks, from the first full week of our school closures right up to the Easter Weekend. The Home School Hub is now up and running for both English and Irish language schools so we look forward to continuing our co-operation with them (thank you for publishing our material!). Now there is a formal arrangement for all children working from home through this medium we will go back to planning for all the new events, virtual and other that are happening, starting with #Earthday on 22nd April!

Send us a photo of your favourite local tree!

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