The World Café!

Here are some ideas from our World Café at our 3 Tree Academies and our fourth online one. Would you like to add some ideas? Then email us at please!

How do we ensure the media reports about us

Word of mouth; Tell everyone you know – or phone them. Post to them and ask them to post to their friends. Spread the word.

Talk. Talk to adults



Help the environment; more media coverage

Say something that will help our world

Tell the climate change story

Tell Felix and Wangari and our story

Invitations to the media

Contact companies and ask them to promote it

Set up a stand to show people about us and give them stuff like a tree to plant

Spread the idea to other communities, e.g. talk to secondary schools and their green school committees, talk to schools.


Get an advertiser; call them

Flyers in Post offices, shops, libraries

Advertise on billboards and

Bus stops ads


Advertise on fb to show what we’re doing to help the world

TV ads

Put up posters – make millions! Arrange poster-making creative sessions.


On jumpers





Plant pots


Make stationery

Write a book

Write stories

Write poems

Write a

Use a laptop

Make a website; make multiple websites. The children make a website.


Email pictures of all the trouble

Go on the radio

Call in to radio stations

Say something on the news;

TV news

Tell the TV people


Tell the Press

Write a report for local newspapers. Other newspapers and magazines.

Write articles

Make documents

Ads at the cinema

Digital; Social Media

Email people





Ask questions

Live; stream and tell all the watchers

Film; make youtube videos – viral if possible 111

A youtube group ; in every video ask to help the planet. Ask people to subscribe


Write a blog



Tik Tok


#Everyone remember this! Use #

Talk to celebrities

Ask celebrities and politicians – local and larger –  for help e.g. to spread the word, sponsor you, advertise for you, sing or write poetry or stories for you, whatever the celbrity does. To post a video for us if they are famous.Talk to them.  IIII

Ask people to recommend what you say

Ask people to spread your message

On Instagram

Send pictures to your friends on WhatsApp etc.

Optimize on google




Make noise!!!


Use voice, phone, laptop, ipad

Quiet protest – silent

A Trees Party

Create a project

How Do we Organise a Planting Party

Make a list

Make a plan; to plant at least 100 trees – and mulch

Allow people book

Get prepared

Arrange tools

Arrange gloves


Visit schools

Baloons, decorations

Fix time and date

Invite celebrities, the sea scouts because they are amazing

Tell local places about it; “Let’s plant trees for a better future”Use leaflets in school, invitations,  social media, adverts, text friends,call them,  radio, streaming, postering

Get the council involved

Have as many plants as possible

Arrange transport if it is far; a party bus, electric bus

Ask friends

After planting Feed people – pizza – , drinks

Invite friends from school, get adults to help, give out Plant-for-the-Planet materials

Try to get the public and media to join, to dig holes

Send pictures of previous events

We need an area, find the area. Put it on the map.  plants, water e.g. rain, people

Ask Ecosia

Make it a P.E. class

Litter Pick as you go

We need lots of people

Get schools involved

Put it up online

We need to spread the word

Gimmicks like trees in little tubs

What can we do next


Plant more trees

Use less CO2

Cut down fewer trees

Plant flowers

Stop killing animals and insects


Try not to use plastic

Use paper and fabric bags

Recycle, Re-use II

Stop littering


Use renewable energy

Be energy friendly

Turn off lights

Get an electric car, use electric transpost

Solar panels


Organise protests II

Engage cubs and scouts.

Arrange talks for groups e.g. cubs and scouts

Go on strike

Arrange a group and have meetings and planting parties

Plant with cubs, scouts. Get all the scouts together.


Clean up around your own home – or anywhere; street cleans,  Beach cleans

Collect the mulched Christmas trees to use on other plants


Join green schools

Buy Fair Trade

Raise money for climate change

Use a road cleaner

A path cleaner

What big ideas did you learn today

Pay someone to make an ad to make people help

Different types of Trees

How to measure a tree for the carbon inside – we learned how to measure the amount of CO2 in a tree. X 3

I learned that trees can weigh over 1,000 kg

We need to stop forest fires

How Asia produces a lot

Planting trees helps to solve climate change and is very good for the environment

Trees offset flights

How much carbon we produce

How to tall apart trees by their puds

How to plant trees

That the Arctic ice is melting


There is more money in N. America then in South America

That Asia produces the most Carbon dioxide

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