It’s National Spring Clean! Let’s get washing!

Day 13; A good time for… Stocktaking. Of all kinds. It’s the Start of National Spring Clean today! Let’s have a Wednesday Fling. At the Tree House I am busy washing and matching gloves for our upcoming season. Usually I bring them to the Launderette as I have 230 pairs of gloves but due to the travel constraints I am washing at home. New gloves are nice of course but washed gloves are actually softer and more pliable, all our gloves are re-usable and I am using them for all my garden work, very useful to have! What have you at home you can clean, wash and line up for when we all get to move around some more? Let me know what you are up to in this great Spring Clean! We’ve applied for the kit;

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We have planted 100,000 saplings all over the country. In this exercise individuals within the Covid-19 restriction guidelines will walk through our planting sites picking litter while trampling weeds. While the exercise will start in April it will be ongoing throughout the summer. Our sites are on public lands, e.g. Tolka River Valley Park Dublin, Seagrange Park – Malahide Castle Demesne – Paddy’s Hill Portmarnock in Fingal, Athenry in Galway, Fermoy in Cork. This exercise will suit individuals near their own homes taking short bouts of exercise accompanied by family members from their household where appropriate. It will serve the dual purpose of trampling weeds without recourse to using sprays around our planting areas.

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