Mother’s Day Tree Certificate

The Lady of the Woods

It’s Digital Tree Week and Mother’s Day. Item 1 on the Agenda; Plant a Tree for Mothers, here in my dining room.

My eldest daughter phoned from more than 10 kilometers away while she was still in bed; I said – hold on I am dipping my hand in the co-extrusion bag of trees….tell me when….and out came this lovely tree in the Lucky Dip. On Aoife’s behalf I put it in a pot (I am still in my Green Dressing Gown!), I’ve yet to firm it down and water it in. It’s in my dining room, it will be fine and in its pot it can easily be transported to a good place in the future when things settle down as they surely will. So this one is planted for mothers & mothers of Invention everywhere. Today is a Mother’s Day like no other for me for sure. Through the magic of WhatsApp I have heard from all my children, even the one furthest away, locked down in flying school in Lotz, Poland. How fortunate we are to have such tools! We are having a Mother’s Day Distance Dinner later on. Sending love across the miles. You are welcome to send on this cert to someone who would like it.

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