A Tree-mendous & safe Patrick’s Day to all; enjoy our new film! Day 2; A RealiTREE Parade!

It’s Day 2 of Camp Easy Treesie and since it’s Patrick’s Day, we are having a DAY OFF! Hurray! Just like real school. I mean face-to-face school as this is reality, just Virtual RealiTREE.

So here comes the parade. We have music, dancing and planting which you can watch from the safe distance of your bed if you like. It’s after 11 & I am still in my dressing gown. I have been really enjoying myself here online since an early hour, re-living the great day we had in Shankill. The plan was that we would meet up during Tree Week next week with the children who made the film, we had trees lined up to plant; now they are being planted by the Council instead as we are suspending any mass planting parties of course.

Congra-TREE-lations to these great Shankill, Dublin youngsters for their fantastic tree planting and good humour on our planting day back during National Science Week last November. It was cold and damp and they were so delightful to work with, thank you to you all, to your whole school and wider community as well as Kate and Imre who worked so hard on this film at no charge and to Philip of WeFrame It who did the editing at cost.

A safe & Tree-mendous Patrick’s Day; a link to 1min music, planting & dancing. All our planting in Virtual Reali-TREE while we wait for St. Patrick & all those angels working on this crisis in hospitals & elsewhere 2 send that virus packing like the snakes! Thanks to all our supporters for your help greening Ireland .









#StPatricksDay #StPatricksDay2020

Bedtime Story; Today it’s a song; we are good at sad songs in Ireland. The Muppets have the best version, I think. Think Green!

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