Welcome to Camp Easy Treesie aka the Hedge School; Day 1; PositiviTREE

So I am coming up to a little song, a favourite of mine since I learned it in Dundrum Girl Guides as a grace before meals. Our Captain, the great Lydia Batt, told us the story of Johnny Chapman Appleseed, who introduced apple trees to many parts of the U.S.

Hello to my American cousins, I will phone you later on today to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (Some of them live in Pennsylvania, where some of these apples were planted, I wonder if they are still there. I’ll ask them). I thought it was such a great story; he is such a hero of mine. The Moral? Be nice, share apples. I just had one from my own garden, it’s still good 4 months after picking! Apples are really very anti-inflammatory says my friend General Practitioner Dr. John. and if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, that will suit us all.

Here is another Disney film about this hero of mine. ( I really do enjoy the story). Our “Hedge School” is multi and non-denominational so I welcome stories from other traditions, just starting here with what I know. Suggestions welcome. So now we have started the day with a prayer or you can have a meditation about what a great chap was Johnny.

The Johnny Appleseed Grace before – or after – meals, you can sing it anytime actually.

To start the day I always ask for what we are grateful for.

Today for me in Clontarf the sun is shining, I feel great after getting the chance to walk out among the trees this morning. I feel grateful for the people I saw heading to work, I know of two neighbours working in hospitals and healthcare, well done Bernadine and Frances. And for feeling well, of course. I am very grateful to Tim Berners-Lee over in the U.K. for inventing the internet which means I can still work even though we are most of us socially isolating today. I’m also grateful I could use Zoom/Google Hangouts and WhatsApp to talk to our four (grown) children for the last ten days since I saw two of them last, actually I saw more of them than usual. Likewise with my friends when we virtually met for coffee, two walks and supper. Lastly since this is prayer/meditation time instead of going to local Mass I had Mass with Pope Francis yesterday online. Like him, instead of cancelling things we are having a different sort of programme this month on Easy Treesie, all online.

So people; what are you grateful for today?

Hey everyone; Irish Children are Thinking Green. We are running the world’s first Online Academy on March 26th. Details to follow. (a little slow off the marks as I am co-ordinating getting the last of our saplings in the ground safely since all our schools are closed. Lots of social distancing!).

Here is the link to the first youtube video, 3-minutes long. I plan to put out the How to Plant a Tree one tonight/tomorrow, the 1-minute one can go out some other time. It would be great if you could share it on Social Media in time for our National St. Patrick’s Day holiday tomorrow. Since the parades etc. are closed I expect a lot of traction.

Attached my current favourite picture of our recent Academy. Important that people know it was back in February as we want them assured we are complying with current recommendations.

On this subject; I would really appreciate a hand running the online Academy. I have run Zoom and Google Hangout as well as live Facebook filming. It would be very exciting to get a live message from Munich…or from Felix or Eugratna, any of your superstars; Lena and Johannes spring to mind. All alone is not going to be a great film of the world game or world café, I was thinking of asking my graphic artist to do it as a cartoon. All suggestions welcome. I’m doing a “Hedge School” at present, the hedge school in Ireland was an institution when education was barred to Catholics and for 59 years, from 1723 – 1782 up to 400,000 children were educated in informal schools, sometimes under a tree or in the shelter of a hedgerow.

#PositiviTREE Our next Plant-for-the-Planet Tree Academy will happen online; we’re going virtual! Plant on your phone! Tree-t yourself to a look back at our Feb event with https://youtu.be/yaG7WvBG690 @futureearth_ire @RIAdawson @PftP_int @y_buckley @scienceirel @GreenSchoolsIre

Keep well everyone! & a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!

Time for your bedtime story! Can you guess what happens at the end? I’ll tell you tomorrow!

The Bed time Story – Even if it is only the afternoon (My favourite time for a snooze)

Want to do more? You can Guess What Tree is coming to School at the Hedge School tomorrow? Check out the Khan Academy and find out how many is a million. Write a song or poem or draw a picture of what happened next in the Hummingbird Story. Send us another Tree-Action on orla@easytreesie.com during our school days once you have your parents’ permission.

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