Time for music!

Good morning everybody.

Here’s a playlist for you… Easy Treesie by orlamaryfarrell https://open.spotify.com/playlist/044q1jEJwTErIG1P1h2nQb?si=nCBSSq9AQNC4WL0eifhx1g The news at the moment is all quite something. Turning to the Arts is always a help in dealing with life’s challenges, we find on this project. It’s why we have run Culture Night events on two occasions and most recently our Tree Academy had the pleasure of being joined by an amazing graphic artist and solo violinist, watch them on our films this week! Thought I’d start a little playlist. It includes some tunes from my favourite children’s film, Les Choristes. A piece from Handel’s Gloria that we sang in a pop-up choir with my inspiring friend and former sea ranger leader, Maedhbh Ni Dhomhnallain – also former principal at my old school, the great Coláiste Íosagaáin. Which brings me to a piece by another past pupil whose uncle sat beside me in Physics class – I had the pleasure of meeting her recently at her concert in Liberty Hall, Sibéal Ní Chasadaigh, one of the new generation from the famous musical family. Her voice is simply spookily beautiful. The Voyage – thanks to my former teaching colleague, Deirdre Darcy of West Clare – Deirdre knows her music. Her husband, Ciarán, also a teacher put on this tune for his 5th class to study. When I heard it I thought it was so magical I listened to Christy Moore’s album on tape until it wore out.

A great favourite of mine is Leann Womack’s “I hope you Dance”. This came out the week I was elected by my local political party to become a Dublin City Councillor. I had doubts as to whether I would be the best candidate for the job and then I listened to this song; I thought, ah sure, let’s give it a spin, I’ll do my best. And what a great experience it was. It lead to lots of open doors in contributing to education and community life right up to the moment. Music lifts the spirits, we can all do with that right now with the challenge of preparing for grappling with what has to be done. What are your favourite songs to inspire? Send us a tree-mail!

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