Mountain Ash Wednedsday for Docusign & Colaiste Choilm today at our Trees for Cities (@treesforcities) @TreesOnTheLand event!

Team @docusign Dublin at the sign-up this morning to assist TY Colaiste Choilm students planting 600 broadleaf trees in their local park. @fingalcountycouncil Parks Manager Lourda took a great picture thank you, as well as explaining why were were planting here (On today, Ash Wednesday we planted Mountain Ash to provide resilience in this woodland where there is a large stand of Ash threatened by dieback disease; to anchor the soil on the fast-flowing river bank;) – what we were planting – a great mix of Alder (likes the wet), @coilltenews Oak saplings which will particularly suit this location – thank you @treecouncil for passing them on to us on Saturday – the rowan we mentioned, hawthorn for that touch of magic and birch sponsored by Trees on the Land and @cranntrees. We also learned all the planting tricks and tips from Lourda (use your heel to compact the soil because it’s stronger than your toes…make sure the roots have enough room and don’t wind around…tug it when you are finished to make sure that it is well planted). Sterling backup provided by the Swords Woodland Association team. All working towards the @plantfortheplanet_official goal of planting on the We are lining up for #nationaltreeweek, and of course our next #TreeAcademy in a very fancy spot just down river from us here in Central Swords. Can you guess where?

This volunteering day has been organised in partnership with Trees for Cities (@treesforcities), thank you to them for all their support, especially Catherine!

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