A Tree House with a Difference. Go Milan!

We can learn a lot about style from the Italians! Check out this great building. I am especially glad to mention that I am soon to have a new Italian son-in-law! It is really time I learned Italian. In the meantime, we had a glorious Italian meal last night in local restaurant Picasso’s, sole and cassata, delicious. Not vegan, no, so many places have such a limited vegan menu I pick what I like the look of best when I am out. Am planning an event soon with Pizzas, vegan and vegetarian, from Pauli’s in D4 (I’ve had the vegetarian one; fab), the Grafton St. area and Swords, send us a tree-mail if you have any recommendations. Great to be chatting with UCD students Federeco of Turin, Chris from Tennessee and James from Donegal about offsetting their lab carbon through tree planting of 700 trees; looking forward to working with them, we have had a lot of help from my Alma Mater in the past with the Afforestation Project group.

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