Washington Post reports Davos Endorsement of Plant-for-the-Planet methodology.

Congratulations to all our global Plant-for-the-Planet Deutschland (Official) family. A new tipping point has been reached thanks to their efforts and the inspiration of Felix Finkbeiner.
Ireland, like the Phillipines is also one of the most de-forested nations on earth, with our tree cover down from 80 to 12.5 percent. This gives us the opportunity to restore at scale! We are delighted to be teamed up under the banner of Crann, Trees for Ireland with Tree Council of Ireland​, Coillte​ and our supporters all over Ireland and the world re-leafing our Emerald Isle and supporting our fellow planties all over the globe.

It is not a coincidence, I bet that the logjam clears the day after the Easy Treesie-Crann project takes on its first Intern, a huge welcome to AB who is a Tree-mendous boost to our team effort! More about Asfand to follow (we are too busy organising tree planting events to be writing about how wonderful we are just now!)


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