THANK YOU ALL ON THANKSGIVING DAY! Thanksgiving with Oak trees grown from seed in Wicklow

THANK YOU EVERYONE who has donated to the project recently; it was so exciting to suddenly hear yesterday that people have been sponsoring trees on the app. I will have to figure out how we will thank you all individually. In the meantime, we put these great trees in the ground today with some Wicklow and Wicklow-American children who reminded us it is THANKSGIVING today. I was very grateful for the invitation of my fellow climate ambassador and Wicklow resident whose grandchildren attend the school and enjoyed her brilliant MAX80 Climate presentation and who had grown these oak trees from local Wicklow seed!!!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the children planted local wildflower seeds as well! All in a spirit of Thanksgiving for all of our blessings and the fun we have with people all over the world!

At Moneystown School Tree Planting Ceremony, County Wicklow on Thanksgiving Day. Climate Change Conversations and Digging today.
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