Planting an avenue of bee-friendly limes with Fermoy Tidy Towns

Our Earth Day celebration was an ecumenical event; nice of Marisa of the Global Catholic Climate Movement to get in touch and for offering to publish a few lines about our answer to the call on Earth Day to plant a tree! Well the easy treesie – Crann, Trees for Ireland project has gone one better; we planted 4 large trees on Earth Day with the help of the local community. The Beekeepers made a start for us – Lime is a favourite tree of the bees. Because of Confirmation Day, the local school children couldn’t join us yet to do the last 4 but they have been busy during tree week already, crowning (or crann-ing; Crann is the Irish word for Tree) the local hill of Corrin, the plan is that we will finish the avenue off with them once the schools re-open tomorrow, the dates are to be confirmed.


Our planting parties always include a treat; on Monday it was Easter Bunnies and Hot Cross Buns, with copies of our magazine for the Tidy Towns Library. And thanks to them for sponsoring our very welcome coffee at the Texaco with more goodies! Planting is after all hungry work. Not many children were free to join us on Monday but we had a visit from a local baby and his parents, they came specially to the celebration; we hope they get to admire the avenue for years and years (Limes can live over 1,000 years!).


So take a bow Fermoy. 556 trees planted by the people of Fermoy with four to go; tackling Climate Change and beautifying Fermoy even more!

Hi everybody; updating the date here, we have re-scheduled the second part of our Lime Tree Planting for Earth Day, 22nd April which is Easter Monday. Hope you can make it! 3 p.m. on the Link Road at Texaco, bring the children! We are actually going to have 3 nice big limes on either side of the road by half three or so tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

So yes, time for a rest really, with the bare root season all sorted, all the saplings and whips safely planted; Cousin Mary has this new easy chair, tempting to sit down and relax. So another postcard from this week is the stunning cherry blossom around Clontarf seen here at St. John the Baptist Church of Ireland, Seafield Road.  And the last one, what glorious bluebells on a front lawn we spotted, out for our regular evening walk with the same cousin on Thursday. My daughters positively had it raining Easter eggs at the weekend, posed them here on my gorgeous oak table for you to admire, in a charming sugarbowl that used to belong to my late mother in law; it’s nice to find it at daffodil-time. So all choclated-up, time to get cracking on our planting of Great Big Trees. We are off in the morning to the great county of Cork. 
Great to be heading back to Cork to round off Tree Council of Ireland Tree Week tomorrow; this time to Irish Businesses Against Litter- Cleanest Town Fermoy , WELL DONE!
We are to plant an avenue of bee-friendly limes (thanks to the beekeepers who started it off on Sunday;) to finish off the Tidy Towns Corrin planting in fine style with 6th class from Bishop Murphy Memorial school, McCurtain Street; thanks to fellow Crann – Trees for Ireland board member Peadar of Irish Tree Center for donating the trees to the town for the children to plant; his 1,000 trees already planted around the town look brilliant when I saw them at Christmas; so great to have an excuse to visit Fermoy where I spent all my childhood summers playing under the trees at my grandmother’s, Kenneally’s at Castle Hyde farm…I am looking forward to a Silver Pail ice cream looking over the Blackwater for sure! I found a picture of myself with my oldest friend, Jody, sitting in the Farm Yard leaning against the warm stone wall in the sun. We used to sit on my mother’s old navy nurse’s cape which was made of some great heavy fabric the ants would not crawl through- Brid trained in Fermoy hospital – a good example of using old things which of course was what everyone did all the time back then. I know the date of this photo because I am wearing my crimplene confirmation dress, it did not feel as good as that nurse’s cape.  
On Friday Minister Richard Bruton TD who presented Fermoy with their award will be joining us back in Clontarf to plant trees with Belgrove Senior Boys School and Belgrove Senior Girls’ School in the school grounds and Clontarf Hospital. Tree-mendous. And I haven’t even mentioned the Ransboro, Sligo planting party yesterday; we were in Yeats country of course; 9 native trees, soon to be followed by 9 bean rows and a hive for the honey bee all looked down on by Queen Maedhbh on Knocknarea. What a GREAT Poe-Tree TREE athalon we had there too, too hard to TREEage the literature into Poetry/Story/Drama, as some of our Flashiest Fiction is in a class of its own! LitTREEture on a business card, it will catch on!
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