Great to be heading back to Kilkenny tomorrow…

Really enjoyed the rekkie last September at the Rotary Conference – where our club received a citation for all of our tree and other good works! And a previous rekkie at the Dept. Climate Conversations. So now it is down to work, planting tomorrow.


 In the wind up to Earth Day next Monday, we are adding to Kilkenny’s 400 apple trees planted for their 400th anniversary, plus the 300 planted by Kilkenny school children last week in Loughboy for tree week in Goresbridge (2.00 p.m.) and Kilkenny City – The Location is Dukesmeadows, Bennettsbridge Rd., Kilkenny ! Yes we are planting apple trees again. No Orla not Juice Meadows; Dukesmeadows! Looking forward to celebrating the success of the recent Tree Week events especially the tree giveaway with Shiela Nunan and Andrea Cleere, both candidates in the upcoming elections in the Pembroke Hotel, Parliament Street afterwards around 8, maybe with a local apple juice!


I found these great pictures of the Lyrath, Kilkenny when I was looking for photos I had from inside Notre Dame, which is still smouldering tonight and probably will be for days. They say the gothic vaulted ceilings were inspired by the great forests. Trees in Ireland no longer have the height they had, you have only to look at the dugout canoe in the national museum; we do not allow them grow that old anymore. I would say it is true about the inspiration, the pillars remind one of great strong trees with a canopy for a roof.


We were fortunate enough to be able to bring the children there, to Mass when they were very young. Our son, when we were walking around looking at the wood carvings started to cry. He was about five and had seen the wood carving of the Massacre of the Innocents. It made such a strong impression on him, I am sure that what had been intended by the artists, targeting their art at a congregation who didn’t read either, hundreds of years earlier. I had never imagined Notre Dame going up in flames. I am glad I went in there for Mass only about two years ago, when Owen had business in Paris and I had been able to go too. I hadn’t thought it would not always be there. It was a sublime event; a sunny day outside lit up the glass with such vivid clarity, the gloom of the interior with the heavy incense sitting in wisps on the air , flickering candles lent warmth and a waxy smoke, ancient fragrances connecting us with the past. Throngs of tourists watched the worshippers respectfully, curious and interested, hushed by the vaulted roof. How on earth had they built this? What a wonderful place to be, in out of the Paris winter cold or summer heat in a moderated place, sound hushed and muted, chairs of straw to rest jaded feet, stone slabs where you could without being noticed slip off a shoe and cool the soles in the gloom.


We don’t imagine either that global warming will cause fires in places we love; or floods. It is happening though, last year’s drought may have had an effect on the fires in Kerry two weeks ago. Was there enough prevention for fire in Notre Dame? Are we doing enough to protect from global warming? Maybe we won’t know. In the meantime, I for one am focusing on prevention by planting trees. The future can unfold in ways we don’t expect. I am glad they declare a rebuild. We know it can never be the same. Let us at least take any lessons we can from this sad moment. 

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